1. About Us

    Quintas do Homem is a family business booming, betting on the binomial quality / price in order to provide consumers, high quality vinhos verdes and attractive prices.

    Preserving until today the  family-oriented profile, Quintas do Homem has evolved over time combining dedication, tradition and technology. Ensures careful management , which allows to follow the requests of markets and improve the quality of their products.

    • Nome The care
      Texto 1 The care in dealing with vineyards, selecting the best varieties and the junction of tradition to the most modern technological means, they reflect the quality and flavors of the wines produced on...
    • Nome Integrated production
      Producao integrada
      Texto 1 The Integrated Production is defined by the International Organisation for Biological and Integrated (IOBC) as a system for producing high quality, which are based on sustainability principles...
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