1. Quinta do Paco

    Quinta do Paço is located in the village of Coucieiro, Vila Verde district of Braga, with a total area of 10 hectares, being 7 hectares with the variety Loureiro and 3 hectares with the variety Arinto..

    Known as "the Fifth D. Sapo ", the fruit of a legend that accompanies the centuries this property. Its origin lies in an old gentleman owner, whom the King gave full powers to explore the lands. The same who invented all brides belonging to their domains would have to sleep with him on their wedding night.

    One day, a tailor seeing that his bride would be subject to this fate decided to pose as bride and killed the nobleman. Fearing for their fate was the same with the King confess his crime and ask for absolution.

    The King looking so humble confession perduou to him and said - ... if you kill one sapo "fildalgo", is another, less one, you are forgiven.

    So Thursday is was known as the Quinta D. Sapo.

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